Hemp Pellets

Highly palatable - We make our pellets to taste great! Many horses refuse the taste and smell of straight hemp, which is what the majority of products on the market today consist of. We mix all the goodness of Whole plant, Full spectrum Hemp with an alfalfa/timothy blend that horses love.

Easily Measured - Our pellets are formulated to provide a consistency in every scoop.

Crafted by Farmers, Developed by REAL Horsemen- We use the highest quality ingredients to provide your horse with the best hemp pellet available. And we know horses because we have cared for many over the years. 

Don't be fooled - There are lots hemp pellets on the market that are just used up hemp from extraction. Read their labels, then read ours. We are horse people who have invested much time and effort developing a product ESPECIALLY for horses. We are not an afterthought, and use WHOLE PLANT HEMP that has all the terpenes and goodness in it to make the best pellet on the market! Unable to ship to California