CBD Make-At-Home Dog Treats

The freshest, most economical treats possible because you make them at home. Feed them raw as a soft chew or bake for a crispy treat. Made with all Certified organic ingredients and they are gluten free.

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Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Pellets

We make our pellets to taste great! Many horses refuse the taste and smell of straight hemp pellets, which is what the majority of pellets on the market today consist of. We mix all the goodness of Whole plant, Full spectrum Hemp with an alfalfa/timothy blend that horses love. 

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Quality Always Comes First

Our hemp pellets are produced at one of the nations oldest and largest family owned and operated alfalfa mills. Precise mixing and years of experience guarantee you consistent quality. Our pellets are specially blended with quality timothy and alfalfa hay to give the most uniform and palatable product possible. 

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