We offer a few different ways to give your horse CBD. Just like people, they have different tastes. We have tinctures, gummies and softgels for humans. Why not chews, pellets and powders for our horses? Each has its advantages, and this page will help you decide which is best for your situation. Order the Trial Pack and see which products your horse loves!



Regular strength pellet – This was our first product. It is 50 mg of CBD per scoop. It taste great and is easily measured. Many horses respond to the 50 mg amount.

Extra strength pellet – The extra strength was developed for horses that needed a little more per day. The 100 mg per scoop is a good value and still most horses will eat it willingly.

Maximum strength pellet - The maximum strength was developed for horses that needed more CBD at a time. This product was designed to be more economical, especially when shipping orders. It has more of the hemp smell and taste than the regular strength.

Pure hemp powder- These are our strongest products. With a standardized minimum of 150 mg CBD per scoop of Pure Hemp Powder, and 250 mg CBD in the Gold Star, our powder is the most cost efficient way to administer CBD. But with the strength comes more of the hemp taste and smell that some horses don’t like. For those horses the powder needs to be mixed in feed to hide the taste. 

Molasses chews- This is a fun and easy way to give CBD to horses, especially out in a pasture. Each chew has 50 mg of CBD.

Gummies- Most horses just love the taste of gummies. Each gummy has 50 mg of CBD. For those horses who respond well to lower amounts of CBD this is a good option. They also come pre-made. (Note: Gummies need to be stored in the house in the summer months, as they can melt in the barn).


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How much does each product cost
Regular Strength 50 mg 1 month bag 1500 $44.99
Regular Strength 50 mg 2 month pail 3500 $84.99
Extra Strength 100 mg 1 month bag 3000 $64.99
Extra Strength 100 mg 2 month pail 7000 $104.99
Maximum Strength 200 mg  1 month bag 6000 $84.99
Pure Powder 150 mg powder bag 9000 $69.99

                                            Things to know about using CBD for your horse

  • When choosing the way you want to give CBD to your horse, first and foremost pay attention to the strength of the product you are using that day. Record how much CBD is administered to your horse and note any improvements you see in your horse’s health and wellbeing. The trial pack is a great way to see what your horse likes and how much he needs.
  • “Start low and go slow” is the key to success with your horse. This means start with a low dose and slowly raise it every 2 to 5 days. (See chart below)
  • Many horses respond to 50 mg of CBD for calming, support of joint issues, and a healthy inflammatory response. If needed, raise the amount you until you see the desired effects.
  • Remember it is best to order the product that fits your horses need for strength. After you know how much you want to give your horse, choose the product that they like best and is easiest for you to administer.


  • My horse needs 50 mg per day. Trying to split one scoop of powder into 6 servings will not be as accurate as the pellets. It is more difficult for you to measure and you may not be sure that your horse ate all you put out for him. The best product for you to use in this case is regular strength 50 mg CBD per scoop.
  • My horse needs 100 mg per day. Either one scoop of extra strength or 2 scoops of Regular strength will do.
  • My horse needs 200 mg per day. For this horse 1 scoop of maximum strength or 2 scoops of extra strength will work just fine
  • My horse needs 300 mg per day. The powder is the most economical. If the powder is hard for you to feed, use either 3 scoops of Extra Strength Pellets, or 11/2 scoops of Maximum Strength Pellets all in one feeding, or split it up into 2 feedings if you want. 
  • My Horse only needs CBD occasionally. To find out the amount of CBD will work for your horse; give him 50 mg to start. Spend time with your horse after to see how he reacts. You can raise the amount accordingly until you see the desired results. If your horse only encounters stressful times occasionally, you can try giving different amounts at home under normal circumstances to see how he reacts.
  • When you find the amount per day your horse needs you can order the strength provides that amount.


What are the strengths?





Regular Strength Pellet 

50 mg CBD/1 oz scoop

1 month bag and 2 month (plus 10 days free) pail

Extra Strength Pellet 100 mg CBD/1 oz scoop

1 month bag and 2 month plus 10 days free pail

Maximum Strength Pellet

200mg CBD/1 oz scoop                  

1 month bag

Pure Hemp Powder

150 mg CBD/ 11cc scoop

60 scoop bag


Gold Star Hemp Powder

250 mg CBD/ 11 cc scoop

60 scoop bag


 50 mg CBD/chew

 42 make at home chews


How much CBD is in a full size container?  On the front of the regularly packaged bag or pail is the total amount of CBD per container. The 1500 mg bag has 30 50 mg scoops, 3000 mg bag has 30-100 mg scoops. The 7000 pail has 70-100 mg scoops, and the 9000 mg powder has 60 scoops of 150 mg CBD each etc.

Use this chart to help you decide how much CBD to give your horse to reach desired effect. Many horses respond to 50 or 100 mg, so it may not be necessary to up the dose past that. This chart is just a guide; feel free to adjust according to your needs. For example, you can raise the dose every 1 or 3 days, and you can feed it all in one feeding if it works best for your schedule.


Trial Day  (May adjust)


Amount of CBD AM

Amount of CBD PM

Total CBD per Day


50 mg


 50 mg


50 mg

50 mg

100 mg


50 mg

100 mg

150 mg


100 mg

100 mg

200 mg


150 mg

100 mg

250 mg


150 mg

150 mg

300 mg


Use any combination of the products to reach the target amount for each day. For example:

Low dose, normally horses need more

  • 25 mg CBD: ½ scoop regular strength, or 1/2 scoop of regular strength

Average dose, most horses fit in this range

  • 50 mg CBD : 1 scoop regular strength, ½ scoop extra strength, 1 chew, or  gummy
  • 100 mg CBD : 2 scoops regular strength, 2 chews, one scoop extra strength
  • 150 mg CBD: 3 scoops regular strength, 1 ½ scoops extra strength, or 1 scoop powder

Higher dose, for horses that need more joint support or more calming during a stressful event

  • 200 mg CBD: 2 scoops extra strength, 1 scoop maximum strength, or 2/3 scoop powder
  • 300 mg CBD: 3 scoops extra strength, 1 ½ scoops maximum strength, or 2 scoop powder

Highest dose more for acute situations

  • 600 mg CBD: 4 scoops powder ( high dose, horses normally don’t need this much)


                         Feel free to call, text or email with questions - Renee 920-334-6773 or renee@hempforhorses.com