We offer 3 different ways to give your horse CBD. Just like people, they have different tastes. We have tinctures, gummies and softgels for humans, why not chews, pellets and powders for our horses? Each has its advantages, and this chart will help you decide which is best for your situation. 


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All Strengths * The easiest to feed in the stall.     We are unable to ship more than the 9 pound bag
* Pellets deliver a very easily measured amount of CBD per scoop that is  accurate even at a low dose
* Many horses respond to 50mg per day or less, so you are not giving them more CBD than they need and wasteing money.
* As with anything, more is not always better. Horses can build up a tolerance. You don't want to give 300 mg dailywhen your horse needs less. We offer 3 strengths of pellets to fit your individual horses needs
Regular Strength       50 mg/scoop * Very Palatable and almost all horses will eat 50 mg regular strength  pellets by themselves. Ususlly no mixing with grain necessary. A little more expensive per mg of CBD (for high doses use powder)
Extra Strength           100 mg/scoop * Most horses still like the taste of extra strength 100 mg pellets even at the higher concentration. 
* Delivers more CBD per scoop and is a little more more economical than 50 mg
Maximum Strength 190 mg/scoop * Maximum strength pellets are more concentrated. Easier to store and ship. A few horses wont like the taste because the hemp is more concentrated
* More economical price per mg of CBD than the 50 mg or 100 mg strength. 
300 mg/scoop * Very inexpensive per mg of CBD More horses will refuse the taste of pure hemp
* Cost effective for horses who need more CBD Hard to measure in lower doses. (For lower doses use pellets)
* Hemp for Horses Powder is pure hemp, 100% in its natural state.  Usually need to mix with grain, applesauce etc.
* Already a powder and can be added to older horses ration easily. No pellets to chew
50 mg/chew * Easy to feed anywhere, but especially in the pasture We think it is fun, but you do have to make them yourself
* No preservatives, always fresh Dehydrate, bake or freeze to store- not really a bad thing…