We offer 3 different ways to give your horse CBD. Just like people, they have different tastes. We have tinctures, gummies and softgels for humans, why not treats, pellets and powders for our horses? Each has its advantages, and this is to help you decide which is best for your situation. 


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Pellets Pros: The easiest to feed in the stall. They are very palatable and almost all horses  horses will eat them alone. No mixing with grain necessary. They deliver a very easily measured amount of CBD per scoop. Many horses respond to 50mg per day or less, so you are not over feeding the CBD. As with anything, more is not always better. Horses can build up a tolerance. You don't want to give 350mg when your horse needs less. We have pellets 50mg, 100mg and 190mg strengths per scoop.

Pellet Cons: If you want a very high amount it is more costly. 

Powder Pros: The most cost efficient way to give CBD to horses at a higher level. There is 350mg per scoop, which is 7 times the amount in the regular strength pellets.  Hemp for Horses Powder is pure hemp, 100% in its natural state. 

Powder Cons:  Taste. Many horses will reject the smell and taste of pure hemp. Powder may have to be mixed to mask the flavor. The powder is also hard to measure for small amounts of CBD, say 200mg and below. 

Treat Pros:  Best for feeding in the pasture. If your horse lives outside and you don't  need to bring them in for grain, it is really easy to slip a CBD treat to one horse in the herd. Fun to make. Always fresh with no preservatives! Keeps in freezer for a long time, and only take out what you need. Economical. You get to make them! 

Treat Cons:  We believe that no preservatives is the best way to go, a great thing about the treats is they are fresh, but you need to make them yourself.