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Pellets, Powder or Chews? Which to use and how much to give your horse

All our products are made of the same ingredients, Alfalfa, Barley and Hemp. The concentration of hemp is the only change from product to product.

Extra Strength Pellets-Very easy to measure in low doses. Tastes great and most horses eat it plain without any grain.

Maximum Strength Pellets -Developed to be economical for horses that need more CBD. Max Strength is easy to measure for horses that need 100-300 mg of CBD per day.                                                    

Farriers Gold Pellets- Concentrated for convenience, but much stronger than is normally needed for inflammation, joint issues or general anxiety. It has more hemp smell and taste than our lower strength pellets, but most horses still eat it willingly. CBD may cause drowsiness or lethargy in higher doses.

Pure Hemp Powder- Standardized at 6% CBD, pure hemp-flower powder. Top-dress or mix in.                                                       

Gold Star Powder- Pure and powerful, standardized at 10% CBD. Gold Star is our strongest most economical product. Although it has more hemp taste and smell that some horses don’t like, many will eat it top dressed on grain. For fussy eaters, you will need to mix with something tasty.

Chews- A fun and easy way to give CBD to horses! Chews are especially convenient to give in the pasture or on trail rides. Premade chews are available at Expos and Shows. Make at home chews available online




         Things to remember when using CBD on your horse

  • Know how much CBD you give your horse. Note any improvements in your horse’s well-being.
  • Start with a low dose and slowly increase every 2 or 3 days. (See chart on back)
  • Many horses respond to 50 mg of CBD for calming, support of joint issues, and a healthy inflammatory response. If needed, increase the amount until you see the results you want.
  • For calming during stressful events, it is not necessary to give daily. If your horse only encounters stressful times occasionally, try giving different amounts at home under different circumstances to see how they react.
  • It is best to order the product that fits your horse’s need for strength and taste. After you know how much your horse needs, choose the product that they like best and delivers the correct amount of CBD. For example; to give 250 mg CBD, you can use 1 scoop of Gold Star Powder rather than 5 scoops of Extra Strength Pellets. But if you don’t feed grain or your horse doesn’t like the powder, 2 1/2 scoops Maximum Strength or 5 scoops of Extra Strength Pellets would be a good alternative.
  • It is very easy to give one scoop of Extra Strength and know that it will be 50 mg of CBD. It is difficult to split a 250 mg scoop of powder into 5 parts and be accurate in measurement. It will also be hard to tell that your horse consumed the entire amount given when it is so small.



What is the big number on the container?

On the package is the total amount of CBD you are buying per container.

How much do I give my horse?

Average dose: Most horses fit in this range

  • 50 mg CBD : 1 scoop extra strength, ½ scoop maximum strength,1-50 mg chew
  • 100 mg CBD : 2 scoops extra strength,1-100mg chew,1 scoop maximum strength
  • 150 mg CBD: 3 scoops extra strength, 1 ½ scoops maximum strength, or 1 scoop powder

Higher dose: For horses that need more joint support or more calming during a stressful event

  • 200 mg CBD: 4 scoops extra strength, 2 scoop maximum strength, or 1 1/3 scoop powder
  • 250 mg CBD: 1 scoop gold star
  • 300 mg CBD: 3 scoops maximum strength, 2 scoops powder

Highest dose: More for acute and stressful situations li

  • 500-1000 mg CBD: 2+Gold Star, 2+ Farriers Gold, or 5+ scoops Maximum Strength Pellets. This is a fairly high daily dose. Most horses typically don’t need this much, but if your horse does, you may raise the amount as needed to get the desired effect.
  • Remember CBD may cause drowsiness or lethargy in higher doses.

Use this chart to help you decide how much CBD to give your horse.


Many horses respond to 50 or 100 mg. This chart is just a guide; feel free to adjust according to your needs. CBD can be given all at once or split, according to your horses feeding schedule.    

    ** Order the strength that works best for you and your horse **   

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