Make-at-Home Equine Chews

So easy to make, just add water! Our make at home hemp chews are a perfect way to give CBD to your horse. We developed a simple make at home and no bake treats for good reasons.  

*EASY TO FEED : feed treats in the barn or the pasture. 

*ACCURATE AMOUNT: Each treat contains 50 mg CBD.

*SIMPLE TO MAKE: Just add water, put into the included mold. Pop out, and then freeze, You can flatten and bake or dehydrate! 

*FRESHEST POSSIBLE: You can't have fresher than make at home. No wondering how long they sat on a shelf, or what the expiration date is. 

You can get as fancy as you want with recipe variations. We have made the basic treat recipe as simple as can be, just add water. Applesauce or juice, carrot juice, peppermint candy and molasses are just a few mix-ins you can add to personalize your horses chews.  

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